Friday, June 19, 2020

Differences between MC/MC-C and ME/ME-C engines

The electrohydraulic control mechanisms of the ME engine replace the following components of the conventional MC engine:
  • Chain drive for camshaft
  • Camshaft with fuel cams, exhaust cams and indicator cams
  • Fuel pump actuating gear, including roller guides and reversing mechanism
  • Conventional fuel pressure booster and VIT system
  • Exhaust valve actuating gear and roller guides
  • Engine driven starting air distributor
  • Electronic governor with actuator
  • Regulating shaft
  • Engine side control console
  • Mechanical cylinder lubricators.
The Engine Control System of the ME engine comprises:
  • Control units
  • Hydraulic power supply unit
  • Hydraulic cylinder units, including:
  • Electronically controlled fuel injection, and
  • Electronically controlled exhaust valve activation
  • Electronically controlled starting air valves
  • Electronically controlled auxiliary blowers
  • Integrated electronic governor functions
  • Tacho system
  • Electronically controlled Alpha lubricators

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