Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Emergency fire pump requirement: - SOLAS ch II-2 reg 10,

  1.   Independent driven power operated pump
  2.  Capacity should not be less than 40%  of the total fire pump capacity required by regulation II-2 / and in any not less than 25 m3 /hr for cargo ships 200 Gt and above.
  3. (Each of the required fire pumps (other than any emergency pump required in paragraph for cargo ships) shall have a capacity not less than 80% of the total required capacity divided by the minimum number of required fire pumps but in any case not less than 25 m3/h and each such pump shall in any event be capable of delivering at least the two required jets of water. These fire pumps shall be capable of supplying the fire main system under the required conditions. Where more pumps than the minimum of required pumps are installed such additional pumps shall have a capacity of at least 25 m3/h and shall be capable of delivering at least the two jets of water required in paragraph
  4. Minimum pressure at any hydrant  not less 2.7 bar.( 4.0 bar for passenger ship)
  5. Space containing should not be contiguous to the boundaries of machinery spaces or those spaces containing main fire pumps. Where this is not practicable, common bulkhead between the two spaces shall be insulated to a standard of structural fire protection equivalent to that required for control station.
  6. No direct access from engine room .( if impracticable then the access should be by air lock with door of machinery space being of A60 class standard and the other door being at least steel , both reasonably gas tight , self closing and without any hold back arrangement.
  7.  If diesel  driven , should be able to start by cranking at 0 deg. If impracticable , then there should be heating arrangement acceptable to admin. Starting at least 6 times within 30 min and at least twice within first 10 minutes.
  8. Fuel should be sufficient to run for 3 hrs and sufficient reserve fuel outside machinery space for 15 hrs running at full load.


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