Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Load line survery preparation

The preparation for a load line survey will involve ensuring that the hull is watertight below the freeboard deck and weathertight above it
The following checks should be conducted prior to survey:
  • Check that all access openings at the ends of enclosed superstructures are in good condition. All dogs, clamps and hinges should be free and greased. Gaskets and other sealing arrangements should not show signs of perishing (cracked rubbers).
  • Check all cargo hatches and accesses to holds for weathertightness. Securing devices such as clamps, cleats and wedges are to be all in place, well-greased and adjusted to provide optimum sealing between the hatch cover and compression bar on the coaming. Replace perished rubber seals as necessary. Hose test hatches to verify weathertightness.
  • Check the efficiency and securing of portable beams.
  • Inspect all machinery space openings on exposed decks
  • Check that manhole covers on the freeboard deck are capable of being made watertight.
  • Check that all ventilator openings are provided with efficient weathertight closing appliances.
  • All air pipes must be provided with permanently attached means of closing.
  • Inspect cargo ports below the freeboard deck and ensure that they are watertight.
  • Ensure that all non-return valves on overboard discharges are effective.
  • Side scuttles below the freeboard deck or to spaces within enclosed superstructures must have efficient internal watertight deadlights. Inspect deadlight rubber seals and securing arrangements.
  • Check all freeing ports, ensure shutters are not jammed, hinges are free and that pins are of non-corroding type (gun metal).
  • Check bulwarks and guardrails are in good condition.
  • Rig life lines (if required) and ensure they are in good order.
  • De-rust and repaint deck line, load line mark, load lines and draught marks

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