Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Pilgrim nut

Propeller bedded to tailshaft and jacked up to usual shop mark. The Pilgrim nut is then screwed on the shaft with the loading ring against the prop boss. With the lever operated, high pressure grease gun, grease is pumped into the inner tube inside the nut at around 600 bar, ( w.p. stamped on nut, not to be exceeded), the prop will be pushed sufficiently up the taper to give the required frictional grip. The pressure is then released and the nut is rotated until it is hard up against the aft face of the prop hub and locked, fair water cone then fitted.
After removal of fair water cone and the locking plate, the pilgrim nut is removed, reversed and together with a loose shock ring is screwed back onto the shaft. A strong back is fitted and secured with studs to the prop boss. Grease is now inserted to the system expanding the inner tube forcing the loading ring, strongback, withdrawal studs and prop aft.
        o    Precise tightening working on a measured applied load
        o    Adequate interference fit
        o    no heat used
        o    Simple and safe to operate
        o    No shock loads applied

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