Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Pump room safeties

  • Temperature and alarm sensor  for pumps
  • Monitoring system for hydrocarbon gas
  • Bilge level monitoring devices
  • Interlock for lighting and ventilation.
  • Cargo pump room should be mechanically ventilated and the capacity should be 20 air changes per hr of the volume of the pump room.
  • Pump room bulkhead with ER should be class A-0.
  • Spray shield around pump seals
  • In order to avoid static electricity cargo is loaded directly into tanks ,the loading pipes as far as practicable should be led to the lowest area.
  • Exd – light covers
  • Height of double bottom in PR  - B/15 or 2 meter whichever is less but not less than 1 mtr.
  • An emergency intake located above 2m , the PR lower grating.  The emergency intake should have damper fitted which is capable of being opened and closed from exposed main deck and grating level. – 15 air changes per hour.
  • Fixed sampling line to attach portable gas meter

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