Wednesday, June 24, 2020

In Water Survey

Hull survey while ship is afloat done by authorized diving company with surveillance of Class surveyor as the replacement of docking survey

Requirements for IWS
  • Age not greater than 15 years. ( Ships of age 15 years and over may be permitted as special consideration)
  • All ships excluding Enhanced Survey Program (ESP) ships, such as Bulk carrier, Oil Tankers and Dangerous chemical bulk carrie rs of 15 years of age and over.
  • Ship with class “IWS” notation.
  • Need agreement of Flag administration.
  • High quality paint coating for 7.5 years extended dry docking (EDD).
  • Fitted effective anodes, fitted effective current corrosion protection (ECCP).
  • Access arrangements for - sea valves, rudder bearing & pintle clearance.
  • Stern tube wear down measurement, bow & stern thruster  -seal checking  
  • Survey plan,
  • Location and date of IWS,
  • Detail of hull marks and drawings.
Preparations in dry dock for IWS notation
  • Fitted approved Cathodic protection system.
  • Ship hull is in a satisfactory condition – shot blasted and painted with high quality paint
  • Fitted means for renewal and/or measuring of clearances of
  • Rudder bearings and bushes, stern tube wear down
  • Measures for checking of sea valves and sea chests.
  • Shell openings to be fitted gratings with hinged grid plates.
  • Hull paint color - to assist divers for inspection of hull in next IWS.
  • Mark clearly under-water hull fittings.
  • Mark transverse & longitudinal bulkheads
  • Mark tanks boundaries
  • Mark openings of shell plating for sea valves, docking plugs, thruster unit, stabilizer fins
  • Mark propeller blades with numbers
  • Mark for checking of any relative movements in next IWS
  • Liners on shaft    -bushes of rudder and stern frame
  • Drawings and folders containing above markings
  • Agreed blanking methods of any shell openings

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