Monday, June 1, 2020

Fresh water tank Inspection / Routine

 6 Monthly
  •    F.W. system pipelines  to be disinfected with 50 ppm chlorine solution for  4 hrs.
  •    Tank to be disinfected by 50 ppm solution of chlorine for 12 hrs.
  •    Tank Drained, Hosed with F.W., Cleaning with Rags

  •  Manhole door gaskets to be renewed
  •  Suction / Filling V/V to be O/Hd
  •  Fill shore filling Pipeline  with 100 ppm Chlorine soln. & maaintain for 1 hour
  •  Disinfection of shore line
  •  Paint to be observed for cracks
  •  If Paint is cracked ~ surrounding area to be cleaned, brushing, chipping etc. (base metal to be exposed)
  •  Epoxy Paint to be used for painting ; sometimes the entire tank needs to be recoated  as touch up may not  be possible

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