Friday, June 19, 2020

Enclosed Space Entry

Preparation for enclosed space entry
  • Competent person and a responsible officer to take charge of operation.
  • Carried out risk assessments, identified potential hazards
  • Space isolated and secured against ingress of dangerous substances by blanking off pipe-lines or other openings and by closing valves.
  • Clean Sludge and deposits and ventilate space thoroughly
  • Test oxygen deficiency, flammability and toxicity to confirm space is safe to entry.
  • When space is safe for entry, "Enclosed space entry permit" has to be issued.
The procedure and arrangement before entry
  • Access to and within the space should be adequate and well illuminated. No source of ignition used.
  • Rescue and resuscitation equipment should be available at the entrance to the space.
  • Arrange means of hoisting physical inability person from the confined space.
  • Select only working number of personnel entering the space to rescue the physical inability person in any accident.
  • Lifelines should be long enough to be firmly attached to the harness.
  • Enclosed space entry permit posted at work site.
Procedure and arrangement during entry.
  • Ventilation continue at all the time. If ventilation fails, all personnel leave immediately.
  • Test atmosphere periodically and if conditions deteriorate, leave the space.
  • If a personal gas detector alarms, the space leave by all personnel immediately.
  • If unforeseen difficulties or hazards develop, the work in the space should be stopped and the space evacuated.
  • Permits should be withdrawn and only re-issued
  • If any personnel in a space feel adversely affected, give pre-arranged signal by entrance and immediately leave space.
Procedures on completion
  • Everyone leave the space, carried out head count, close entrance to space.
  • Record time of completion, Responsible person & Authorized person sign in permit
  • Entry engine room log book

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