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Sulzer fuel pump timing adjustment

Engine should have run 30 mins of diesel oil before stoppage Open the indicator cocks, shut the main air starting valve and engage the turning gear close the fuel supply and ruturn valve on the fuel pump Drain the remaining fuel from the fuel pump Inspect the cams and rollers The stagnation pressure control valve has to be dismantled Note the valve desiganation S-suction , D- delivery and U- for spill valve Remove the valve cover and the springs Pressure bushes are released using special wrench The vavles are removed using a withdrawal device Examine valve seats and contact surfaces. Defective should be reconditioned or replaced The valve contact surface in fuel pump block should be in good condition.Damaged surfaces must be reconditioned After cleaning the fuel pump block throughly the suction and spill valves are cleaned in diesel oils and fitted back respectively without their springs The pressure bushes are tightened to 300Nm The dial gauges should be inspected before mounting it t

Shaft earthing device

A turning propeller is electrically insulated from the hull by lubricating oil film in bearings Electrical potential is generated between the shaft and the hull  As a result the cathodic protection of the ship will not protect the propeller Electrical potential can cause currents in the bearigngs resulting in pitting of the bearing surfaces Problems can be avoide if the shaft is earthed with a propeller shaft slip ring This shaft earthing assembly comprises a pair of high silver content\graphite compound brushes mounted in a balanced brush holder, running on a copper slip ring with solid silver track

Overboard valve regulation

Should not be of cast iron Must be Class approved Fitted at easily accessible location as far as practicable readily visible Indicators are to provided local to the valve ie ,showing whether they are open or shut Valve spindle are to extend above the lower platform. Valves and distance pieces extended for the installation on the ship side below the load water line are to be tested by hydraulic pressure not less than 5 bar.