Thursday, June 18, 2020

What limit of elongation should be tighten the chain

1.5 % of original length .

Slack chain:


  • Excessive chain vibration and noise.
  • Power loss in all units, indicated [by Power Card].
  • Late injection, low Pmax, [by Draw Card].
  • Late closing of Exhaust Valve, [by Light Spring Diagram].
  • High exhaust temperature and smoke.

  • Impose heavy mechanical load, resulting fatigue failure.
  • Damage to chain system and engine frame.
  • Retardation of Fuel Pump and Exhaust Valve timings, resulting:
  • Reduced Scavenge Efficiency due to late closing of exhaust valve.
  • High exhaust temperature and smoke, due to after burning.
  • Low Pmax, due to late injection.
  • Reduced engine power

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