Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Electronic Governor and how it is controlling Main Engine Speed

M/E Electronic governor is an Electronic PID controller to Control the RPM of M/E precisely at the set value. It is forming part of the bridge manoeuvring system (BMS). Main parts of an electronic governor are,
Main control unit: This is the CPU based process unit which is controlling the Engine RPM. The inputs to this unit are the speed order signal from the operator, Actual RPM Signal from the Pickups and Scavenging air pressure signal from Scavenge Air receiver. The output signal from this section goes to the Servo controller.
Servo Controller: This unit receiving signal from the Control unit and giving an output voltage to the Servo Motor. This servo motor is regulating the fuel rack to maintain the set RPM by the operator. A feedback signal from a Resolver which is forming part of the actuator will be given to the servo driver to position the servo motor shaft at correct angle.
RPM Pickups: Which are sensing the real time RPM and giving to Main control unit for comparison with set value.
Pressure transducer: This pressure transducer converts the scavenge air pressure to a 4-20 mA signal and giving to Main control unit for regulating the fuel according to the combustion curve stored in the CPU

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