Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to prepare the IOPP Survey ?

  • Validity of the IOPP certificate checked.
  • Proper entry of ORB and, sludge disposal receipts to shore facilities attached to ORB.
  • Calculate the sludge formation, and compared with 1% of voyage fuel consumption.
  • Incinerating time, incinerated waste oil amount, remainder of waste oil in waste oil tank should be reasonable.
  • Incinerator kept ready for demonstration, such as heating of waste oil tank, alarms, control and functional test, done priorto survey.
  • OWS in good order, it’s piping free from oil leaks, overboard valve from OWS locked in closed position. If possible, one
  • section of discharge pipe removed and free from oil residues.
  • ODM checked for 15-ppm alarm and automatic stopping.
  • High-level alarms of sludge tank, waste oil tank and bilge holding tank checked.
  • Spare filter for OWS must be kept onboard.
  • USCG Notice posted near OWS and bilge pumping out station.

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