Monday, June 1, 2020

Test procedure for IGS alarms

Blower Power Fail
Switch off the power supply for the required blower from the main switchboard.

Burner Fuel Oil Pressure Low

Shut the valve to PS-185. This valve is on top of the scrubber tower.
Open drain screw and drain the fuel in the line.

Emergency Stop

Press the emergency stop button. This is in CCR.

Burner Flame Failure

Shut photocell – BE 200 valve. Location of valve is on top of the scrubber tower.
Cooling Water O\Board – O. Bilge Tank Changeover V\V to be activated.

High I.G. Gas Temperature
This test is carried out with the help of temperature calibration unit.
Remove thermocouple from IG outlet line.
Put it in calibration unit and raise the temperature.

Scrubber Water High Level
Disconnect cable from LS193, which is near level sensor on scrubber unit.

Loss of Power
Remove relay from CCR IG panel.

JCW Pressure Low

Close valve # 50.
This is JCW inlet valve on scrubber tower.

Low Deck Seal Water Pressure
Stop running deck seal water pump.
Stand-by pump will start and stand-by pump started alarm will sound.
Deck seal water pressure low alarm will sound.

Deck Seal Water Level Low
Stop deck seal water pump, which is in use.
Open deck seal drain valve.

Instrument Air Pressure Low
Shut off air to PS183. Location of this valve is on top of the scrubber tower.
Drain air by opening drain screw.

Low Scrubber Water Pressure

Throttle scrubber water inlet valve 164.
This valve is on the scrubber unit.

High IG Pressure
Shut inlet valve on the pressure transmitter.
Pressure transmitter is on the main deck, below IG line near #6 stb tank.
Disconnect transmitter inlet line and lightly blow air in the line.

High Oxygen Content
Change setting in CCR I.G.S. Panel.

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