Monday, June 1, 2020

• Procedures Adopted to Ensure Safety During Dry Dock:

  • Firefighting equipment ready at all times.
  • Fire detectors and fire alarm in good working condition.
  • CO2 total flooding system door is locked to prevent accidental actuation.
  • Safety gear worn while working- safety shoes, helmet, overalls, safety goggles, ear mufflers, and gloves.
  • Escape routes should be clearly marked.
  • Proper working permits obtained before carrying any work on board; e.g. hot work permit, enclosed space entry permit.
  • All lifting gears checked to be in good working condition.
  • Safety lamps are used - never use a naked lamp.
  • Co-ordination of work, so no chemical cleaning and hot work around boiler area is done at the same time.
  • No transfer of oil carried out in dry dock.
  • No boiler blow downs; in emergency, necessary notice given.
  • Acetylene and oxygen bottles are properly stored and secured.
  • Fire officer at site of work and extinguishers available.
  • No unauthorized personnel or chemicals allowed on board.
  • Ship properly grounded to shore earth.
  • Fire line is always ready with 2 hydrants open if no hull work is carried out.
  • Safety meetings should be carried out every morning before stating the work in dry dock.

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