Monday, April 6, 2020

How to change rudder carrier bearing

  • Lock steering gear in mid position
  • Remove the earth wire
  • Measure clearances ( rudder drop and jumping clearances )
  • Fix eye bolt to rudder stock and take load with the help of chain block at strong point provided
  • Remove the bolts of gand housing and remove gland packing.
  • Remove the locking ring
  • Remove grease plug
  • Remove the moving cone which is in 2 pieces( boted with each other). Put eye bolt diametrically opposite.
  • Remove the bottom half which is also in 2 pieces and attached to ahip structure via chocks
  • **Note - The bearing is conical shaped to locate the rudder stock . The bearing top and bottom half is on 2 halves
  • Material - Cast iron (CI has self lubricating property and greater shock absorber)

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