Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Checks after decarb -Main engine

  • Open JCW inlet and outlet, purge the unit , check for leak.
  • Check pump pressure
  • Expansion tank needs to.top up
  • Confirm nothing left inside crankcase
  • Open spring air , control air , check for leak
  • Start LO pump , check LO flow and check for any leak
  • Inspect crankcase for any rags or tool
  • Confirm bolts are secured with locking wire.
  • Turn engine few revolutions and check amperage
  • Open fuel inlet valve , check for recirculation and leak
  • Check for cylinder lubrication  ( press prelube on HMI in case of Alpha lubrication  or manual cranking )
  • Open indicator cock , check starting air valve for any leak.
  • Increase cylinder lubrication for that unit.
  • Carry out long blowthrough.
  • Try out main engine on ahead and astern direction
  • Check exhaust valve operation
  • Check exhaust gas temp and leakage.
  • Check piston cooling oil temp
  • Check scav temp:

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