Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Checks after decarb before starting Aux engine

  • Confirm all fitting has been closed properly
  • Adjust tappet clearance. Take crankshaft deflection if bearings renewed.
  • Open cooling water check for leak (through cylinder head , crankcase)
  • Purge the cooling water line ,check pressure. Open warming up line
  • Start LO priming pump , check flow , check pressure , purge LO cooler and filter
  • Check play of connecting rod and measure clearances
  • Engage turning gear and turn few revolution
  • All ok , carryput blow through
  • Check pressure of bearings
  • Check temp of all bearings
  • Start engine at reduced speed.
  • Check all parameter ( LO pressure , FO pressure, scav pressure , CW pressure, exhaust temp)
  • Check for any leakage
  • Stop engine and carry out crank case inspection
  • Adjust tappet if required
  • If all OK run engine in Off load condition and check parameters
  • Run engine on partial load and slowly increase load.

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