Thursday, April 9, 2020

Ammendments to Fuel standars ISO 8217-2017compared to previous edition

Changes with respect to ISO 8217:2012
This sixth edition reflects important and significant changes. These include substantial amendments to the scope (Clause 1) and to the general requirements (Clause 5).

Changes to the distillate fuels include the following:
— additional grades, DFA, DFZ and DFB have been added with a maximum fatty acid methyl ester(s) (FAME) content of 7,0 volume %;
— the sulfur content of DMA and DMZ has been reduced to a maximum of 1,00 mass %;
— the sulfur content of DMB has been reduced to a maximum of 1,50 mass %;
— requirements for the following characteristics have been added to winter grades of DMA and DMZ: cloud point and cold filter plugging point.

The following annexes, previously included, have been deleted, but the key information is included in the body of this document or is available in referenced industry publications:
— Sulfur content;
— Flash point;
— Catalyst fines;
— Precision and interpretation of test results.

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