Sunday, April 19, 2020

FO settling /service gas freeing procedure

  • Drain down the entire charge into the double bottom tank through the dumping valve. 
  • When the tank is empty, open the manhole door which located one on top and other on side.  
  • Make force ventilation by blower fan through the manhole door at least 24 hrs.  
  • Then check the tank atmosphere by Davy’s safety lamp.  
  • If the flame burns clearly, the tank atmosphere is free from explosive or fatal gas.  
  • Enter into the tank and clear the sludge and wipe out with cotton rags. During entering the  tank ventilation must be provided continuously.  
  • One competent person must stand near the entrance to keep on wa
  • Use spark proof torch and lamp. Naked light and smoking not allowed in the vicinity

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