Monday, April 6, 2020

Boiler emergency operation

  • Make sure FO circulating pump is running, or else start pp
  • Take sufficient water in boiler , ensure from gauge glass.
  • Change over boiler control from auto to emergency mode.
  • Start FD fan and open damper to max position . Run sufficient time ie, 3 minute ( pre purge) .After purging adjust the damper to minimum.
  • Start pilot burner DO pump.
  • Put ignition switch ON , spark will generate.
  • Manually operate the solinoid valve to open DO to pilot burner
  • Once pilot burner ignited , manually operate solinoid valve to open FO toain burner.
  • After 10 second of main burner fired , put off ignitor and pilot burner.
  • Adjust air fuel ratio manually by observing smoke
  • Keep close watch on boiler
  • Once boiler pressure reached to required pressure close the solenoid valve for main burner manually.
  • Keep damper to max position for 1 minute
  • Stop FD fan

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