Sunday, April 19, 2020

Actions to be taken if M/E temp: goes high during operation

(01) Inform bridge & reduce engine speed
(02) Check engine overload or not (Exhaust temp:, fuel rack,..) 
(03) Check L.O sump & L.O cooler & L.O purifier temperature (set value)
(04) Check L.O sump tank heating valve. 
(05) Shut L.O cooler by-pass totally after stopping (or) too high temperature not fall 
(06) Clean L.O cooler 
(07) Check sump tank heating coil leakage 
(08) Make L.O onboard test (esp Viscosity) 
(09) Check L.O piping system leakage or blockage 
 (10) Make (inspection & check bearing clearance & loosing attachment 
 (11) Check ampere (or) load when turn the turning gear

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