Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Engine fail to start on air. Reasons

  • Low air bottle pressure or air line valves may be shut
  • Air bottle isolating valve or automatic valve or distributor malfunction
  • Control air valves faulty or less control air pressure 
  • Start air valve jammed.
  • Turning gear engaged or limit switch faulty.
  • Bursting diaphram on start air line damaged.
  • Fuel lever on manoeuvring stand not on remote mode.
  • Not sufficient spring air pressure to shut the exhaust valve , there by causing loss of compression.
  • Auxiliary blower not running or not on auto mode.
  • No oil pressurr due to the exhaust valve being open or insufficient spring air pressure
  • Start air distributer has not activated itz end stop valve
  • Start air distributer piston is sticking.
  • Start air distributer is wrongly adjusted
  • Start air distributer control valve is sticking
  • Cylinder air start valbe are defective or sticky
  • Othet interlock - Aux blower , LO low pressure, CW low pressure

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