Sunday, April 19, 2020

Cylinder lubricator quills O/H

01) Remove nut on lubricator quill (L.O connector) 
02) Take out lubricator quill fitted directly to the cylinder without passing through the jacket cooling  space.
03) Remove lubricator quill (L.O outlet side) 
04) Take out spring and non return ball valve. 
05) Clean all parts in diesel oil.
06) Check non return valve for occur. 
07) Check spring tension. 
08) Place the non return valve and spring into the lubricator quill then tighten out. 
09) Fit the lubricator quill to the cylinder tighten the nut. 
10) After fitting the lubricator quill, It is operated by hand at the same time check the cylinder liner wall  for sufficient oil come out.

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