Sunday, April 19, 2020

Action to be taken if OMD alarm gets activated

  • Inform to C/E  
  • Inform to bridge, take the permission to stop the engine  
  • Gradually reduce the engine and then stop.  
  • Cooldown the engine.  
  • Check the inside parts of the crankcase inspection.  
  • Made necessary repaired.  
  • Reset O.M.D and start engine  

Actions after receiving alarm from OMD
  • Note the position of the crankcase chamber having hot spot pointed by the sampling knob.  
  • Operate the selector button; turn the sampling valve knob to zero position or zero check, alarm should stop. 
  • Operate the check button the meter should swing on the scale and alarm should sound / operate  
  • Release the selector button, if the alarm comes from the same crankcase channel then it is confirmed that the alarm is not false.

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