Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sunrod boilers inspection & cleaning

1.Open furnace and confirm that the furnace drain pipe is clear.
   Wash furnace tubes and sunrod elements with HPWJ.(high pressure water jet)
   Confirm that water drains from the furnace instantly otherwise
   tubes will be corroded due to sulphuric acid attack.

2.HPWJ is not enough to clean the Sunrod elements.
   Clean sunrod elements gas side from top & bottom by constructing  special
    tools.Confirm that the pins of the elements are clean.
   This is not an easy job and have to check many times that the pins
   are clean

3.Open steam drum and all the inspection doors of the water header.

4.Raise the angle bar on the top of the furnace pipe.
  Flush with high pressure water one by one all the furnace tubes and confirm that
  water is draining to the water header.
  Replace angle bar in position confirming that all hinges are intact.
5.Confirm that all the connections of water low level shut down float switch
  and  water level transmitters are clear and overhaul all the small valves

6.Overhaul all the blowdown valves

7.Inspect condition of refractories inside the furnace and renew as necessary

8.Check furnace air tightness and repair accordingly.


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