Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Air Starting line safeties 


  Flame Arrestors

The flame trap is manufactured from brass or aluminium alloy which both have a high specific heat capacity. A number of holes are bored through the thick circular form to allow the air to pass through. They are fitted in the main air line immediately before the air start valve to restrict the risk of a flame in the cylinder propagating back to the main air start manifold, by dissipating the heat energy in the flame. 

 Bursting Disks

The safety cap consists of a bursting disk enclosed by a perforated cylinder and a perforated cover in order to protect any bystanders, in the event of a burst. The cover is fitted with a tell tale, which shows if the bursting disc has been damaged. If the bursting disc of the safety cap is damaged due to excessive pressure in the starting air line, overhaul or replace the starting valve which caused the burst, and mount a new disk

If a new disk is not available, or cannot be fitted immediately, then the cover can be turned in relation to the perforated cylinder, in order to reduce the leakage of starting air.

Relief Valve

 The sketch shows a relief valve as fitted to the air start manifold of Sulzer RTA 2 stroke engines.  Its purpose is to relieve excess pressure in the air start manifold. It consists of a spring loaded valve disk which locates on a mating seat which is bolted to the end of the air start manifold. When the force exerted on the disk due to excessive pressure is greater than the spring force holding the valve closed, the valve will open.

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