Wednesday, December 25, 2019

MAN B&W Reversing

The fuel pump cam on the MAN B&W MC series engine is designed to raise the plunger on the injection stroke and then keep the plunger at the top of its stroke while the follower stays on the peak of the cam until just before the next delivery stroke when the follower returns to the base circle of the cam, and the fuel pump plunger moves down on its suction stroke.

The animation on the left shows the cam follower just beginning to move up the slope of the cam with the camshaft rotating in anticlockwise direction. (i.e. start of injection)
If the engine direction is reversed at this point, then air will enter the pneumatic cylinder as shown and will move the piston to the right. The cam follower will be moved across and would finish in the position shown which would be at the correct fuel pump timing for running astern.

It should be noted that the reversal of the follower only takes place while the engine is rotating. If the engine had been stopped from running ahead, and then started astern, the fuel pump followers would move across as the engine starts to rotate, and before the fuel is admitted by venting the fuel pump puncture valves

A micro switch shown on the LHS detects whether the follower has moved across. If not, an indicator light is lit in the control room, However the engine will still start if a follower fails to move, perhaps due to corrosion in the servo cylinder. A high exhaust temperature deviation alarm would operate within a short time. Allowing the engine to start in this situation could be useful during manoeuvring in confined waters.

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