Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Measuring of K-value of T\C

  • K- From bearing flange face to end face of shaft.
  • K1- for measuring K1 , slacken compressor side bearing by around 5 to 6 mm and pull it out using extractor tool .Then push the shaft towards compressor side.
  • Screw the extractor device on to the inner bearing bush of the compressor end and pull out the bearing about 5 to 6 mm
  • Push the rotor towards the compressor side measure K1.
  • Same way for measuring K2  , pull the rotor towards turbine side measure the dimension K2

L=K-K1              M=K2-K

  • In manual required valus of K ,L and M will be given .
  • Basically we are measuring the end play  ie, distance between turbine wheel and casing on either side.
  • K value will give an indication of thrust bearing weardown

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