Friday, January 3, 2020

Rotary vane Steering gear

  • The rotary vane steering gear shown in the above figure consists of a stator with 3 stationary vanes fitted to it.
  • The rotor is directly fitted over rudder stock.The rotor has 3 vanes which rotates inside the stator . Thereby forming 6 chambers
  • When the rudder is rotating the 3 chambers will be subjected to low pressure thereby causing the movement of the rudder.
  • The sealing between the stator and rotor is achieved by sealing strips on the vanes( of stationary and rotary) .They are made of bronze.
  • Steering becomes compact
  • Rudder stock directly connected to the rotor hence no necessity af Rapson slide or crosshead
  • Bending stress on rudder reduce
  • Torque need to turn reduce.


  • Possibilities of leakage across the vanes.
  • Leakage across the rudder stock.
  • Maintenance is difficult  or Overhauling (due to internal leakage)

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