Monday, January 13, 2020

Generator load test

1. After priming the AE, start and run under no load, low speed condition for about 3 to 
5 min. 
2. Then stop and checked externally for overheating. If no overheating, crankcase doors 
to be opened and checked temperature of bearings and running gears. 
3. If satisfactory, restart the engine at full speed, no load condition for about 30 min., 
then stopped and recheck again. 
4. If satisfactory, restart and load-shared with running generator engine. Load sharing 
should be gradually increased in small steps, taking about 6 to 10 hours to reach at 
full load condition. While running in full load, another generator to be run in stand-
by for possible emergency use. Synchronising or load sharing steps: 25%, 50%, 
75%, and 100% within 6 to 10 hrs. 
5. All necessary items checked, during load increasing steps. 
6. Then peak pressure indicator and other performance data, taken for each cylinder and 
compare with test results. 
7. Load test should be done, until preferential trip initiates.

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