Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Man Overboard

In the event of a Man Overboard:
  • Shout ‘man overboard’ to alert the crew.
  • Press the MOB button on the GPS.
  • Throw a life buoy and dan buoy to the MOB. Mark the MOB with a buoyant smoke flare.
  • Allocate a crewmember to point at the MOB in the water.
  • Send a DSC distress alert and a Mayday.
  • Keep pointing; don’t lose sight of the MOB.
  • If the motor has been started,
  • Prepare a throwing line.
  • The skipper will bring the boat alongside the MOB, with the boat pointing into the wind and the propeller stopped.
  • Get a line around the MOB and get them aboard.
Light and Smoke Lifebuoy Marker produces dense orange smoke for 15 minutes and features two self contained, inversion switched, LED lights which far exceed SOLAS requirements for output and duration.
Ships are required to carry 2 markers, one mounted on each bridge wing with the brackets supplied and attached by line to a 4kg Lifebuoy.
The signal is used to mark the position of a man overboard by day or night.
It can be automatically deployed by releasing the attached lifebuoy, or manually activated.

MOB drill requirements
1.7.1 SOLAS does not specify the frequency of the MOB drill to be conducted, but such a drill should ensure that crew are familiar with the plans, 
procedures and equipment for recovery of persons from the water. 
According to the flag State, the company is responsible for identifying
potential emergency shipboard situations and establish programmes for 
drills and exercises in the SMS28 to prepare for such emergency situations.
1.7.2 MOB drill was to be conducted once every 6-months as per the company’s 
SMS procedures.  

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