Friday, January 3, 2020

Woodward digital governor

  • The speed is set from W\H , bridge or local which ever is the lowest will pass and act as set speed.
  • Actual speed is measured by proximity switches on the flywheel.
  • Two speed sensors pass through a high selector switch.
  • Set speed and measured speed is compared in the comparator.
  • Output of comparator is the difference between 2 signals.
  • The comparator output will release the forward but before that other factor are also taken into consideration or else the engine ill be overloaded
  • hence the fuel limiter limits the fuel depending upon the torque scavenge pressure and load limiter settings
  • There are 3 signals
  1. Fuel signal from fuel index
  2. Fuel limiter signal
  3. Engine stop signal
  • The lowest of these signals will pass through the low selector switch .This signal is amplified and used to operate the fuel rack actuator either pneumatically or hydraulically

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