Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Diesel switch

  • Changeover from preheated HFO to cold MDO/ MGO and vice versa represents a risk of fuel pump sticking or seizure due to the very small clearances in the fuel pump.
  • The Diesel Switch is able to do the changeover in a controlled way so that rapid temperature deviations are avoided. 
  • The changeover between HFO and distillate fuels can give problems for the fuel equipment, the process will need a high degree of automation to avoid incidents. MAN Diesel now offers the Diesel Switch, which ensures the necessary the flexibility and safety when changing between HFO and MDO/MGO.

The principle of the Diesel Switch- 

  • MAN Diesel recommends to reduce the load to 25-40% to control the changeover. 
  • The Diesel Switch ensures a controlled and safe changeover independent of the engine load. 
  • The Diesel Switch operates on a combination of the temperature at the engine and the time.
  •  If the fuel temperature at the engine inlet exceeds 2 degrees/minute the Diesel Switch will give an alarm and put the process on hold.
  •  The process will be logged in the Diesel Switch so that it can be used as documentation to port authorities after the changeover.

The Diesel Switch offers:

  • Touch screen control panel
  • Control handle for the changeover
  • Safety
  • Data logging
  • Changeover valve 
  • Magnetic coupling
  • Integrated sensor for actual position 
  • Integrated sensors for end positions
  • Integrated connection box
  • Manual override 
  • Controlling an MGO cooler or chiller
  • Data logging of temperatures and pressures 
  • Remote operation with second touch screen


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