Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hunting gear mechanism

  • The floating lever movement to the left pulls the pump control lever also to the left with the pivoting taking place at the bottom point. When the tiller arm turns it pushes the hunting link to the right, which in turn pushes the pump control lever inwards and to mid position with pivoting taking place at the top point.
  • At mid position the pump is at ‘no stroke’ and thus the rudder is stopped at that helm angle. For the rudder to be brought back to the midship position the telemotor receiver cylinder will have to move to the left, the floating lever top to the right pushing the pump control lever further in.
  • Pump will start and the tiller will move in the opposite direction, pulling the hunting link to the left. This will in turn, will pull out the control lever of the pump back to the mid position, pivoting about the top floating lever point.

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