Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What will be your action in case your FWG production reduced?-

  • Scale formation in evaporator
  • Jacket cooling water temperature lower than prescribed
  • Short cycling of jacket cooling water
  • Air stay in evaporator
  • Faulty solenoid valve
  • Faulty flow-meter
  • Check the vacuum
  • Leakage in the plant like from pressure gauge, vent, distillate pump seal
  • Scale formation in condenser
  • Wrong order of fitting of plates in condenser.- fresh water stay in condenser or due to which fresh water produced goes to sea water.
  • Incorrect feed
  • Nozzle choked
  • Ejector malfunctioning due to worn parts
  • Faulty ejector nozzle
  • Ejector pump problem- not developing pressure 
  • Filter before ejector pump dirty
  • Distillate pump faulty
  • Condenser cooling water flow reduced
  • Condenser cooling water temperature too high
  • If the temp of the shell is too high
  • Ships draft is less
  • Level of brine is too high

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