Tuesday, January 7, 2020

ME-B and ME-C engines


The ME-B design is based on  mechanical MC-C range  with electronic controls that provide improved operational economy and flexibility, and manoeuvrability.
ME-B programme now comprises a total output range from 3,200 kW to 19,040 kW.

  • Electronic fuel injection control
  • Fuel economy
  • High power reliability
  • Longer time between overhauls
  • Low propeller speed
  • Better vessel manoeuvrability
  • Very low life-cycle costs
  • Tier II emissions compliance.
ME-B engines can also be retrofitted to dual-fuel operation so they can run on natural gas. These engines have the same fuel consumption as similar diesel engines, and the same tuning methods can be applied.


ME-C engines are a more compact form of  ME-B .
The ME-C advantages
  • Fully integrated electronic control
  • Low SFOC
  • Superior performance parameters
  • Appropriate fuel injection pressure and rate shaping at any load
  • Improved emission characteristics
  • Smokeless operation at any load
  • Lower NOx on command. 
These advantages are gained by the use of variable, electronically-controlled timing of fuel injection and exhaust valves during operation.

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