Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Tie rod tightness- SMC

  • Take all safety precautions, immobilzation etc. ..


  • Inform company and take permission.
  • Read and understand manuals and note down all clearance.
  • Carry out risk assessment
  • Check for special tools and spares.
  • Check last report and shop trial report.
  • Obtain immobilization certificate from port authority.
  • Debrief to all crew members (tool box meeting) n ensure every person involved on job are well aware about his duty.
  • After F.W.E. ensure telegraph on stop and fuel lever 0. Then take control to ECR.
  • Let the l.o. p/p run for approx. 30 min 4 cooling down of engine.
  • Lock the t/c rotor.
  • Shut off starting air supply at starting air receiver.
  • Open indicator cock.
  • Stop l.o. p/p after half an hour.
  • Take propeller clearance.
  • Engange turning gear.
  • Losen pinching screw of tie rod.
  • Remove protective caps.
  • Clean contact faces and mount hydraulic tool on a pair of stay bolt positioned opposite to each other on middle of engine.
  • Start retightening stay bolt and proceed working from middle towards one end of engine and then from middle again towards the other end.
  • Maintain  tightening press according to manual (900 bar) n retighten the bolt with tommy bar. Before relieving system press check with feeler gauge that nuts bears against contact face.
  • Reconnect hyd. Tool to pair of stay bolt first tightened. Raise press 10% less than given in manual (900 bar) and check if nut is loose.
  • If nut is not loose, tighten the stay bolt to 900 bar. If nut is loose, tighten all stay bolts once again to 900 bar.
  • After completion retighten the protective cover.

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