Friday, January 10, 2020

Parts Of A Compressor Suction And Discharge Valve .Overhaul procedure

1. Loosen The Castle Nut By Suitable Spanner.
2. Take Out The Split Pin.
3. Remove The Nut Washer.
4. Remove Buffer Plate.
5. Remove 3 Spring Plates.
6. Remove Damper Plate.
7. Remove Valve Plate And Guide Washer.
8. Remove Locating Pin(it Keeps The Valve Aligned ).Now All The Plates Are Checked For Proper Seating , If Valve Plate Does'nt Seat Properly, It Is Lapped By A coarser And finer Paste, Making A Figure Of 8 On A True Surface Plate. A Figure Of 8 Is Made Because An Even And Continuous Lapping Can Be Done Only By A Figure Of 8.

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