Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Final Inspection before Undocking

  • Check paintwork is completed.
  • Hull repair is completed. 
  • All Tank plugs are in place. 
  • All Anodes are fitted, grease/paper used to cover them during painting is removed. 
  • Echo Sounder Transducer is cleaned of paper & grease. 
  • Propeller rope guard is fitted properly in place. 
  • Oil is not leaking from stern tube.
  •  Propeller is free from paint & free from any other object. 
  • Check freedom of movement of rudder with steering gear, smooth movement. 
  • Jumping & Pintle clearances taken. 
  • Rudder plugs are in place. 
  • Sea Grids are in place & secured properly. 
  • Ensure all sea v/v's are shut. 
  • Ensure all tanks are at same level as when entry 

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