Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Clearances in piston rings

Four important clearances taken in the piston rings are:
  • Axial Clearance
  • Radial Clearance
  • Butt Clearance
  • Controlled Pressure Relief groove measurement

Axial Clearance: 

It is the clearance between the ring and the groove to be measured at the top part by a feeler gauge. This clearance is to be measured at four different points for each ring.

Radial Clearance: 

The radial clearance is the difference between the groove depth and ring width, which can be measured by a vernier caliper

Butt clearance:

 It is the clearance between the end butt of the ring inside the liner.
The ring is placed inside the liner and the impression can be taken on a paper by applying Prussian blue paste at the butt ends. The gap between the impressions can then be measured.

CPR ring: 

The controlled pressure relief ring is fitted in the MAN piston as a top ring. The CPR ring has “S” shaped butt joint with six controlled pressure relief grooves milled across the face. Measure the radial depth of the grooves butt clearance at the S joint.

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