Friday, January 3, 2020

RT flex and ME differences

  • RT flex uses common rail fuel injection through solinoid valves . ME uses FIVA valves to actuate hydraullic piston for fuel injection.
  • RT flex uses 200 bar servo oil rail for exhaust  valve actuation while ME uses FIVA\ELVA valves for hydraulic actuator operation
  • RT uses conventional fuel pumps to pressurize common rail via camshaft and engine driven servo oil pumps to operate actuator and solenoid valves. Me uses only engine driven servo oil pumps to actuate both fuel pumps and exhaust valves
  • RT flex uses four electronic valves one for exhaust valve opening and other 3 for fuel injection per cylinder.
  • RT flex has a small camshaft for fuel pumps while ME has no camshaft.
  • RT flex uses FCM 200( Flex control module) ME uses MPC

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