Friday, January 3, 2020

Indicated power & calculation

It is the power developed in the cylinder.

Firstly, take the power diagram for each cylinder

The area of the diagram can be measured by means of a planimeter.

It measures the length of diagram; check spring scale.

Calculate the mean effective pressure

Diagram area

M.E.P = ---------------------------- x Spring scale

Mean Length of diagram Record the engine revolution (RPM)

Calculate the power for each unit

I.P = MEP x Length of stroke x cylinder bore area x rps (Watts)

IP = P L A N x No. of Cylinders Kw)

P = MEP (KN/m2) = (Area of diagram / Length of diagram ) x Spring scale L = Stroke Length ( m )

A = Cylinder bore area ( m2 )

N = N for 2/S single acting (rps)

= N/2 for 4/S single acting = 2N for 2/S double acting

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