Friday, January 3, 2020

Bow flare

Bow flare plays an important role for any kind of ships...not only for bulk carrier. But, has got some special 'significance' when it is 'related' with bulk carrier! Well, if you see the front view of a bulk carrier you can easily deviate it from container ship or ro ro ship. Bulk carrier has got similar U shape front but container has got V shape front. causes the more 'angle of entrance' of a bulk carrier. This more angle of entrance plays an important role in Naval architecture perspective. If it is more then drag force & some where wave making resistance has got effected. Also it effects in cost economy & construction. If more angle of entrance is there in Bow part of a ship then ship's front part become likely to heavy weight...more material involves. Speed reduces by virtue of it. 
It also causes (more angle of entrance) more block coefficient of a ship. It effects prismatic coefficient too while designing the ship & affect the 'new midship concept of bulk carrier'. 
Naturally bulk carrier has got more block coefficient compare to container & other dry fleet vessel..

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