Monday, May 11, 2020

Turbulence in diesel engine

  • The shape and geometry of the combustion chamber is very important from the point of view of creating turbulence in the combustion space. As the air enters through the air inlet valve, exhaust gas is blown out through the opened exhaust valve. During this time, the incoming air will always follow the geometry of the combustion space.
  •  The geometry of the combustion space governs the movement of the incoming air and exhaust gas. This creates a large amount of turbulence, which will be useful in the proper combustion of the fuel, and thus increase the thermal efficiency of the engine.
  •  Also, turbulence is created because of the shape of the crown of the piston which is part of combustion chamber geometry. 
  • As the air enters the chamber, it will hit against the crown of the piston and create turbulence due to change in direction, leading to greater combustion of the fuel.

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