Thursday, May 7, 2020

Advabtages of water tube boilers

  • High efficiency (generally greater than 85%) hence reduced fuel consumption.
  • Flexibility of design -- important space consideration.
  • Capable of high out put (i.e. high evaporation rate).
  • High pressures and temperatures improve turbine plant efficiency.
  • Flexible in operation to meet the fluctuating demands of the plant, - superheat         control rapidly responsive to changing demands.
  • Generally all surfaces are circular hence no supporting stays are required.
  • Steam can he raised rapidly from cold if the occasion demands, (3 to 4 hours compared to 24 hours for a Scotch boiler) because of the positive water circulation.
     Compact and relatively light (water content up to 7.5 tons compared with 30 tons for a Scotch boiler).
  • With double easing radiation loss can he cut to 1% or less.

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