Monday, May 11, 2020

How to find which valve is leaking in compressor

  • The H.P. Delivery Valve can be tried by taking out the H.P. suction valve then putting on the air back from the receiver to the compressor. If the H.P. delivery valve is tight, no air will leak out of the suction valve hole.
  • The H.P. Suction Valve can be tried by first taking out the H.P. delivery valve, then the pipe between the cooler and the H.P. suction valve. Now open the valve from the receiver, and if the H.P. suction valve is tight, no air will pass back through the pipe hole in the compressor head.
  • The other valves can be tested similarly, after first removing the H.P. suction and delivery valves to allow the air to pass through.
  • When under running conditions, if the L.P. compressor gauge shows a tendency to drop, the L.P. valves may be out of order. On the other hand, if the L.P. gauge rises, the intermediate valves may be out of order. Leaky H.P. valves cause the pressure to rise in both of the lower stage

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