Monday, May 11, 2020

Action to be taken in case of electrical failure during sailing

  • In the event of loss of main power, there would be an immediate shut down of main propulsion, which would lead to dangerous situation, if they were to be manoeuvring in narrow congested water or near coast line.
  • Although the emergency generator would start and come on load it is not possible to restart the main engine till the main alternators are restarted and taken on load.
  • Communicate with bridge and if vessel is under manoeuvring in high traffic zone then exhibit the "NUC" signal.
  • Raise engineers call alarm. All engineers to proceed to E/R.
  • If stand by generator has not started, start same and take on load. Make sure to keep enough reserve air in the Main Air Bottles to start the other Generators if required or to start the ME which might be required in heavy traffic areas. Run the Emergncy air compressor and fill up the Emcy Air Bottle. Keep an eye on Running of Emcy Equipment.  
  • Confirm sequential start of all essential M/C or start same.
  • Change over M/E control to ECR & reset trips. Resetting of Governor in some cases is required as it gets stuck on a Blackout Situation. This same should be in SMS manual.
  • Restart the plant and confirming all in order, restart M/E after confirming from bridge.
  • Make report of failure and log in E/R log book. Manke sure all time and events are logged and the same are in the Deck Log Book as well.
  • Check continuously for the running generators parameters.

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