Monday, May 11, 2020

Action to be taken in case steering failure

  • Engage alternate or emergency steering system.
  • Advise Engine Room.
  • Call Master.
  • Check vessels in vicinity.
  • Check navigational hazards in vicinity.
  • Use Engines as required.
  • Make appropriate sound signals as required.
  • Exhibit shapes / lights as required.
  • Use VHF Channel 16 / 70 (DSC) as required.
  • Consider anchoring if necessary and suitable depth is available.
  • Fix position of vessel.
  • Record time of failure.
  • Ascertain cause of failure.
  • Ascertain time required to repair.
  • Ascertain if shore assistance is required.
  • Make entry of all facts in log book.
  • Forward initial report to all concerned.

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