Friday, July 31, 2020

Port of Refuse

Port of refuse is a port or a place that vessels divert to when her master considers it unsafe to continue the voyage due to peril that threatens the common safety
  • Situation in which u call a port of refuge are
  • Dangerous shift of cargo
  • Serious breakdown of machinery
  • Serious fire on board
  • Shortage of bunkers
  • Rough weather
  • Collision
  • Grounding
  • Any other damage affecting seaworthiness of vessel
As soon as the decision is taken to discontinue the voyage and make for a place for refuge, inform the owner and the charterer (if any) stating the reasons for deviation. Give relevant details to attending superintendent. He will inform the necessary insurance manager and class.
  1. Record the ship’s position. Sound tanks for quantity for bunker on board. From the point until departure from the port of refuge, keep accurate records of events and expenditure.
  2. Request the owner to arrange the appointment of an agent at the port of refuge to handle the vessel’s visit.
  3. Call the agent as soon as his identity is known. Pass ETA and information necessary for making preparation for vessel’s arrival, including tonnage, length, flag, P&I club, classification society etc. 
Request the agent to notify :-
  • Port state administration if vessel is damaged or seaworthiness is affected.
  • Harbor master or port authority.
  • Pilot station, linesman, boatman, customs, port health etc.
  • Local correspondent of the owner’s P&I club.

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