Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Safe Manning

The principles of minimum safe manning set out in section 3 to ensure the safe operation of ships to which article III of the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended, applies, and the security of ships to which chapter XI-2 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended,
The capability to
  •  Maintain safe navigational, port, engineering and radio watches in accordance with regulation VIII/2 of the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended, and also maintain general surveillance of the ship;
  •  Moor and unmoor the ship safely;
  •  Manage the safety functions of the ship when employed in a stationary or near-stationary mode at sea;
  • Perform operations, as appropriate, for the prevention of damage to the marine environment;
  • Maintain the safety arrangements and the cleanliness of all accessible spaces to minimize the risk of fire;
  • Provide for medical care on board ship;
  • Ensure safe carriage of cargo during transit;
  • Inspect and maintain, as appropriate, the structural integrity of the ship; and
  • Operate in accordance with the approved Ship's Security Plan; and
The minimum safe manning of a ship should be established taking into account all relevant factors, including the following
  • Size and type of ship;
  • Number, size and type of main propulsion units and auxiliaries;
  • Level of ship automation;
  • Construction and equipment of the ship;
  • Method of maintenance used;
  • Cargo to be carried;
  • Frequency of port calls, length and nature of voyages to be undertaken;
  • Trading area(s), waters and operations in which the ship is involved;
  • Extent to which training activities are conducted on board;
  • Degree of shoreside support provided to the ship by the company;
  • Applicable work hour limits and/or rest requirements; and
  • The provisions of the approved Ship's Security Plan

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